Phantom Filmschool Extreme bundle

Phantom Filmschool Extreme bundle

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Learn everything you need to know in this extreme bundle!

The Phantom Filmschool Extreme bundle gives you 4 courses of value all wrapped up into 1 awesome package!

Over 25 000 students worldwide have benefited from the Phantom Filmschool series of courses.

If you are serious about your aerial footage then this is for you.

Course 1: Phantom Filmschool 1 you will learn 8 killer shots:

- the Flyby

- the POI (Point of interest) Flyby

- the advanced POI Flyby

- the Orbit

- the Forwards Reveal

- the Backwards Reveal

- the Corkscrew

- Course lock


Course 2: Phantom Filmschool 2 you will learn:

- the theory of Heading, Rotation and Gimbal Pitch modes such as interpolate (useful concepts for mastering autopilot)

- video editing for aerial: color correction & handling exposure issues specific to aerial video

- the Rise : Basic Rise, Lookdown Twist, Rise and Pan and Rise and Reveal (4 shots in this 1 shot)

- the Lookdown approach (a beautiful new approach shot)

- the Pan (overcome the challenge of trying to do a smooth yaw manually with the left stick - just use autopilot)

- the Selfie (as seen on the Solo - 2 methods to setting up with awesome shot)

- the Up and Over (a new shot aimed at rising above tall subjects like buildings, trees etc)

- how to create, edit and publish a Photosphere/360 Pano (the easy way to do this)

- the Pullback shot: an amazing shot that draws your viewers right in and gets them to say "wow"

- aerial virtual tours: you can create an aerial 360 pano, but don't stop there: create a bunch of them together and join them together as an aerial tour. Add some voice over and its a guided aerial tour. I will teach you how!


Course 3: Phantom Filmschool 3 you will learn:

- 4k zoom: how to use a technique to zoom in on your subject to give greater effect and focus

- Editing to music: take your videos to the next level by properly aligning your video and music tracks

- Acceleration: a technique that allows your clips to speed up & rapidly slow down to add extra effect to blow your audience away

- a new flying skill which is called Focus mode. It is basically the ability to create awesome auto pilot shots on the fly without all the pre-planning usually required. Often you are up in the air and spontaneously see a new shot you would like to take but haven't created a mission.

- a new aerial photography technique called Large Format pano's. With this technique you will learn how to shoot Pano photographs which can be printed in a large format in some cases over 1.5 meters in length with stunning resolution and accuracy.

- another awesome aerial photography technique based on the science oh Photogrammetry. You will learn 2 different methods to shoot, edit and create 3d models, Digital elevation models, Orthomosaics, volumetric measurements and NDVI (plant health models) and how to publish and share them. This could also lead to a new commercial venture as these are real skills required by real businesses.

- Follow mode to perform awesome action shots (especially useful for Phantom 3 customers who don't have Active track as per Phantom 4


Course 4: Phantom Flightschool you will learn:

- DJI Go app settings: learn about all the settings as well as camera settings

- Pre-flight & setup: learn how to set up and prepare for take-off safely

- Flight training: 4 modules: (1) Beginners where you learn the very basics of how to fly (2) Intermediate where you learn about flying in reverse and orientation skills (3) Advanced where you learn combination moves like turns, flying a circle, aircraft recovery and more (4) Pro where you learn how to do all this in Atti mode, learn about Sports mode and how to do a catch landing

- Flight modes: learn how to master & get the most out of (1) Point of interest (2) Active track (3) Tapfly (4) Waypoints (5) Course lock and (6) Homelock

- Autopilot with Litchi: learn how to get professional results with Waypoints and Orbit mode which have more advanced features then the Go app

This course will take your drone piloting to the next level, so be sure to jump right in and get great results really quickly!

All of this WILL transform you aerial footage and skills.

Get ready to produce brilliant work!

Phantom Filmschool Extreme bundle includes these courses

Phantom/Mavic Flightschool - flight training, DJI Go & more
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Phantom/Mavic Filmschool 1- Master autopilot with Litchi
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Phantom/Mavic Filmschool 2 - Video editing, 360 tours & more
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Phantom/Mavic Filmschool 3 - 3D models, Focus, Follow & more...
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