**Compatible with all Mavic, Phantom 3/4 & Inspire models** 

Recently updated to include Perfect Planning for DJI Drones!

Do you want to master your drone footage & shoot like a Pro? Do you want to learn the easy way to do this and save you loads of time and money?

Then Phantom Filmschool - The Complete Bundle is for you!

Get 8 best selling courses plus 2 Bonus courses all in 1 awesome package!

Over 39 000 students worldwide have benefited from these courses - if you want to shoot & edit Pro drone footage then this is for you.

Here is what is included in the Bundle:


Perfect Planning for DJI Drones (value $20)

"As always perfect how Laurence explains the use of the software. (I have all the courses from Laurence>>> I highly recommend buying all of them!!) Wonderful Simulator Software. Thanks for the creation of VLM (Narmida)"

- Plan a drone mission in 3D in Google Earth

- Then simulate the exact mission to see what your drone will shoot

- Save time and stress on the field

- Avoid costly mistakes


The Litchi Handbook for Android & iOs (value $30)

"As with all of Laurence's courses - he is to the point, extremely knowledgeable, and presents the information in a straightforward easy to follow manner. Sometimes it almost seems too easy!" - steve Mitchell

- over 80 pages of in-depth screenshots of every aspect of the Litchi app

- annotations, explanations, pro tips & more

- the most comprehensive & user-friendly guide to Litchi ever made


Phantom Filmschool 1 (value$30)

"Study this stuff, it's all you need to make a living with drones if you can market yourself, and pass FAA tests" - Mike Bloom

- Camera and App settings for the Litchi app for iOS & Android

- 8 Killer shots: The Flyby, The POI Flyb, The Advanced Flyby, The Orbit, The Forward Reveal, The Backward Reveal, The Corkscrew & Course Lock

- in depth training on fundamental concepts of photography, composition, framing & more

- how to use the Litchi hub to set up all your shots from the comfort of your armchair


Phantom Filmschool 2: (value$40)

"Excellent course, easy to understand" - Ken Dalley

- Theory lectures on important concepts like Heading, Rotation and Gimbal Pitch modes such as interpolate 

- Editing lectures on: color correction, color filters & correcting exposure

- 8 Killer shots: Rise, Lookdown approach, Pan, Selfie, Up and Over, Pullback shot, Timelapse & Tilt-shift

- How to create, edit and publish aerial 360's 

- Aerial virtual tours


Phantom Filmschool 3:  (value$40)

"I'm amazed what can be achieved following your guides!" - Walter Mentzel

- 5 Killer shots: Lookdown Flyby, Opener, Railcam, Focus mode, Follow mode

- Editing lectures: 4k zoom, Editing to music & Acceleration effect

- Large Format Photography: capturing, editing, printing, Magic Bullet method & Look up Pano

- Lookdown Pano's: Video extraction method & Pause/Resume method

- 3D Aerial models & Photogrammetry: Agisoft & DroneDeploy


Phantom Flightschool: (value$40)

"Very nicely done! Clear. Pace just right. Detail level good. Plenty to go practice with (I am already experiencing rapid improvements) Also a very pleasant style of delivery" - Gary

- DJI Go App: In-depth lecture on the App settings and the Camera settings

- Pre-flight & setup: Set up & Control sticks

- Flight training: 4 modules: (1) Beginners where you learn the very basics of how to fly (2) Intermediate where you learn about flying in reverse and orientation skills (3) Advanced where you learn combination moves like turns, flying a circle, aircraft recovery and more (4) Pro where you learn how to do all this in Atti mode, learn about Sports mode and how to do a catch landing

- Basic Flight modes: Point of Interest, Waypoints, Course lock & Home lock

- Tapfly: All drones & Phantom 4 Pro specific features

- Active Track: All drones & Phantom 4 Pro/Mavic specific features

- Other flight modes: Tripod, Draw & Terrain Follow

- Autopilot shots with Litchi: Orbit & Flyby

- Flight data: Airdata UAV for Data Storage, Analysis, Maintenance, Reporting & Sharing

- RTH (Return to Home) lecture


Killer Shots Handbook: (value$30)

"Clear concise information to assist in further development of my video making skills in a printable format for use in the field. Great work Laurence." - Charlie Andrews

An Illustrated 70 page PDF of all 22 Killer shots taught in all my courses which you can download, print & keep with you as a handy reference

Each Killer shot has the following:

- Description with link to a demo video

- Mission settings

- Waypoint settings

- Method

- Tips


Extra Resource Pack (Bonus lectures) (value$20)

7 Extra bonus lectures in this special bonus course:

- Photography tips 

- Pre-flight Checklist lecture & download PDF

- Battery tips

- Edit Reveal effect

- Tips for shooting a race

- Safety tips you need to know

- How to boost your video editing

Phantom Editing School (value$50)

You get to learn 2 of the top programs:

- Adobe PRemiere Pro

- Da Vinci Resove (free)

The lectures are taught in a systematic workflow for an actual project. If you choose to learn Da Vinci then this pays for itself almost immediately

Phantom Editing School  bonus pack (value$20)

More useful tips & tricks covered in this bonus pack!