Phantom Filmschool sample - learn the basics of Litchi

Phantom Filmschool intro course - Free Training: Learn the basics of Litchi

Get a taste of what you can learn on the popular Phantom Filmschool courses on how to use Litchi to shoot like a pro! | taught by Laurence Seberini

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Note: This course is compatible with Mavic, Phantom 3, 4, Inspire 1,2 & Matrice 100/600


"Awesome, learned more watching this than all the videos I searched on youtube, and the instruction videos on DJI's website. Thanks a ton!!!!


Jan Froslev

"Its a excellent course, and best of all... Its free.. Yep.. 2 hour course, and its all free. I was amazed, and thought, yeah right! There must be some catch in it, prob. alot of commercials, but no advertising to my surprise. So 5 full earned stars from me. And its PRO all in"


Would you like to be able to shoot pro cinematic footage with your Phantom or Inspire drone? 

You can learn everything there is to know about doing this on the Litchi app if you take the Phantom Filmschool courses.

There are 3 Phantom Filmschool courses each dealing with different aspects of aerial photography and videopgraphy.

This is a sample course to give you an idea of what the Phantom Filmschool 1 course is like so you can see for yourself if you are keen to take the course and become a pro!

The Phantom Filmschool courses are designed in such a way to give you the fastest and easiest methods to master aerial photography and videography with your drone.

By the end of this sample course you will understand the fundamentals of Litchi, will be able to set up a Flyby shot and will have a new video editing technique to use!

Laurence Seberini
Laurence Seberini
Senior instructor on aerial videography and photography

I am like you, passionate about drones and the awesome videos and photo's that you can take with them. And like you I also got frustrated with using a single remote controller and not being able to get the shots like the pro's. Then I discovered Litchi and once I figured out how to get pro shots easily I created Phantom Filmschool and shared this knowledge. To date there are over 25 000 students worldwide who have taken the various Phantom Filmschool courses and the feedback has been very positive. I hope you get the most out of it.

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Skype: laseberini

Reviews (52)


by Dan Elliott
Would like to see something on pano's but this was amazing.


by vinicius silva
bom memso

by António Abrantes
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by Dan Elliott
Would like to see something on pano's but this was amazing.


by vinicius silva
bom memso

by António Abrantes

Great techniques!

by Jay Desio
I purchased Litchi for the advanced autonomous flight abilities not available in DJI GO 4. Litchi also came with access to the free Phantom Flightschool course. I decided to give it a try, after all, I can always benefit from learning something new. I really enjoyed the free course. It was well presented and I did learn some new techniques. I took Phantom Flightschool up on the discount offer for the full course. It was more than I expected. Not only does it cover Litchi, it also covers DJI GO, which I found very helpful. As the "Litchi Guy" says, "You are not a drone pilot, you are a film director". This is very true. Anyone can pilot a drone, but to use it to produce great photos and videos takes more than simply piloting a drone, and the Phantom Filmschool helps you reach that level. I have not finished the course yet, but I can already see the differences.

Fun Fun Fun

by Gregory Norris
This course is not only incredibly useful to the aspiring drone pilot but a lot of fun too. The course material is well structured and aimed at the novice, I found it an ideal place to start.


by Suzanne Conyers
Thank you, thank you, thank you for an easy to follow course on Litchi. When you have an expensive drone, you need to learn how to keep it in the air. I appreciate that you break your courses down into affordable pieces. Instead of forking out a ton of money for a huge course, I will be able to budget and do one at a time for a much smaller price. Thank you for that!!

Learn the basics of Litchi

by dave williams
The video spells out and shows what the manual only mentions in passing. I learned a lot - and promptly opened Litchi to plan my first drone survey of a salt pond located in the center of a Rockport, Massachusetts island.

An excellent free set of courses

by Paddy Redmond
So good. Easy to understand as the lessons are clear, graphic explanations are superb.

Fantastic Free Training!!

by Bernie Martin
I happened upon your Videos and find they are the best of the best! I've searched all over the net looking for info on my new Phantom 3 and love your simple down to earth method of explaining things. I just finished your Free course and followed up with the purchase of the additional courses - easy decision!! Thanks for taking the time to keep everyone so well trained and educated! Bernie Martin View-From-Above Video

Very Informative and Easy to Follow

by chris knowler
Don't bother trawling YouTube for conflicting advice, watch this free 2 hour course. I was so impressed with the sample course I bit the bullet and purchased the whole bundle, I can honestly say I'm not disappointed.


by Ricardo Rosal IV
Very helpful , excellent explanations

Impressed by depth of content for a sample course

by Steve Pullinger
Really impressed with the quality and the amount of content; it really opened up the possibilities for using Litchi with my new Mavic so it was an easy decision to go ahead and buy the complete course set. Well presented and easy to navigate - great stuff.

by Andy Lutz

Nice Tutorial

by Didi Lotze
enjoyed it and learned a lot! Didi

Outstanding Foundation for Starting a New Career!

by John Schnell
The Introduction to the Phantom Filmschool course far exceeds my expectations. i have decided that I will be purchasing the complete course. I'll begin by viewing every lesson as a preview. Then I’ll go back, step-by-step, and follow your guidelines while I re-create Flight Missions using my DJI Mavic Pro with Litchi. Why? Because it’s THAT GOOD. It’s like watching a Hollywood movie once, and then returning to watch it again with a critical eye. There’s great information in every lesson, and I don’t want to miss a thing. As a former IBM Marketing Executive I also want to say… you have done a superb job of creating this learning experience Laurence! I made the decision to purchase the bundle after viewing the first five minutes of the Introduction.

by Bernd Loigge

First thoughts on Phantom Filmschool intro course

by Rodney Smith
I have enjoyed the training and demonstrations to this point, realizing I have far to travel in my quest for understanding of Litchi, photography and piloting my drone. I expect great things, thanks for your help and encouragement thus far in my quest.

Litchi Basics

by Stephen Castledine
As a complete newbie both to videography and drone flying the course has been very informative, inspiring and extremely helpful. My learning curve has reduced considerably and I would recommend this course to anyone and not just startups. Compact and easy to understand Laurence takes a lot of time to explain things thoroughly without ‘droning’ on! I have now upgraded to the next course to further develop my skills.

Must have

by Wieslaw Potoczek
Excellent course - a must have and must go through - for every pilot. Experienced pilots can learn a lot too. Many thanks to Laurence for an excellent job, patience and sahring knowledge and tricks.

Can't wait to fly again

by Richard Esqueda
With today's technology advancing so fast it's hard to stay up-to-date with any Drone purchase. I find that the phantom film school videos have been so helpful with my DJI Mavic Pro because there seems to be a lack of good information out in the Internet. So many powerful features with the Litchi App. Keep up the good work! Richard Esqueda

by Fernando Donini

Great Resource!

by Michael Walls
Was amazed at the amount of information passed in a FREE introductory course! Can't wait to start the full courses!!!


by Jerry Cowand
Great class and time well spent. The knowledge gained in the introduction will get you off the ground with Litchi and I can't wait to watch the entire program of classes.

Great Place to Start

by James Babcock
I am just starting out and these videos are easy to follow.

Free Training!!

by Peter Dubay
If you're into this for hobby or trade, you need always be learning!! How can you turn down something that's free...watched and learned. I was inspired to take the next step and order the bundle course. The one thing that stood out is when you said you mostly never take video 'with the sticks' And in practice, that's probably the best advice anyone could learn. This doesn't take away the joy of flying but just when you're ready to get that 'best' shot, let the CPU take care of the motion!! Thanks


by Pablo Cortes
Great for learning the basics and start flying

Great asset for Newbies

by Ross Williams
As a new drone enthusiast I have found your introductory course to be the most easy to understand resource out there. The tips and techniques picked up through your courses are excellent and are fun to put into practice. Keep up the good work.

Free Training: Learn the basics of Litchi

by Edward Lewis
I found this intro course extremely helpful. In Litchi, there is additional functionality not found in the DJI GO App. Therefore I searched YouTube for Litchi Tutorial. While there are a number of useful videos concerning the Litchi App, I struggled to find help with some of functions nuances. While on the Litchi Mission Hub, I saw a link for the Phantom Film School, which I followed. Wow was I surprised at how much information was available just through the Intro Course. The Intro Course not provided the information i was searching for concerning Litchi App nuances, but obtained really good information on creating those camera shots and camera setup. Based upon what I experienced in just the Intro Course, I immediately bought the "Extreme Bundle". Great Course!

Great Start

by David Myers
Very informative. Tried a mission already. I have a few bugs to work out yet. Lot of windy weather lately so I haven't had a chance to get back out there and fly. I have planned my next mission on my laptop. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.


by steven green
Found to be informative and useful. Hoping to do the full course very soon.

Muito Bom

by Flavio Faria

by Brandon Woods

Excellent Course

by Allen Whitehead

Free Training: Learn the basics of Litchi

by Frank Cass
Great basic intro course

A wealth of knowledge in a short time

by Michael Anderson
This course is great. I must admit I have owned my P4 for some time and have not learned all the features. This course teaches you all the settings and the how and why in a very short time. It's laid out very nicely. Well worth the time.

Phantom Film School intro course

by Ray Rowlands
Excellent course, i learned a lot...

by Steve Losey

by Eduard van Amstel

Nice course.

by chuck rodriguez

by Hannes Els

Great info

by carl bloom
Very informative and not boring

by Roger Ford

I'm Buying the Bundle!

by Derek Hoffnung
The Litchi course is fantastic! Laurence provides comprehensive training for using Litchi on your desktop and with iOS and Android devices connected to a DJI drone. The images are high quality and make it easy to follow. I have paused several times in order to take notes. The Phantom Filmschool free introductory course includes some of the full lessons found in the paid course offerings. Check out the introductory courses and discover why you want the whole bundle!

by eric scott

Filmschool Review

by Bill Lacalle
Just purchased Litchi and this coarse was a great jump start ! Thank you

by Clifford Mckeachnie


by pierre MEDAN
The explanations are complete, the lessons are very understandable. The use of written comments reinforce the comprehension. thumbs up !

Listen UP,,,,

by Rudy Poirier
This is so helpful. I am going to purchase the Litchi app and practice with it this winter and hopefully by next spring I will be capturing more prolike video. DJI Pro3 is my weapon. lol Laurence,,,,,,awesome job delivering so much information in a manner that even I can follow. ThankYou so very much! A 61 year young kid from NB Canada,Rudy. ,,,,2 days later,,,,,,,,, Sorry,I hadnt seen the rating when I left the comments,,,got it this time. PS: bought the app and have tried it a few times. Works great! May ask for the course bundle for Christmas.

Very clear!

by Luis Chervaz
Explain the basics of Litchi in a great way. Thanks Laurence!

Flightschool Intro Course

by Alan Noon
The Intro Course was a very detailed summary of the features in the App. Will definitely do the rest!

This is awsome :) Thank you

by Aravinda Mendis
Great training about Powerful Drone App !!! Thank you very much !! I Recommend this Course for every Drone Pilots. And this is so valuable ..!! Cheers :)

Sample course

by Mark Pankhurst
Excellent must read info , learnt a lot just from sample course. I think I will be buying full course.