Course Description

You have a DJI drone. You got the Litchi app. Now get the most out of it!

There is a reason that Litchi is the most downloaded 3rd party app for DJI - its because its freakin brilliant!

The Litchi app can be intimidating - but that is no longer a concern. The Litchi Handbook is a complete visual reference manual for each and every part of the Litchi app from Flight modes, App settings, Camera settings and many pro tips along the way. 

The good news is this course has a downloadable PDF e-book for iOS so you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

Its time to get the most out of your DJI Mavic, Phantom and Inspire with the Litchi Handbook

Reason to get this e-book:

- it covers the app, flight modes, app settings, camera settings, has step by step instructions & more

- it is based on screenshots of the app

- it is a downloadable PDF

- you can use it as a reference manual for whenever you get stuck, for example if you are not 100% sure of what interpolation means you can go to table of contents and head over to the section dealing with interpolation and you will get a visual explanation

- its full of pro tips & advice 

Senior instructor on aerial videography and photography

Laurence Seberini

I am like you, passionate about drones and the awesome videos and photo's that you can take with them. And like you I also got frustrated with using a single remote controller and not being able to get the shots like the pro's. Then I discovered Litchi and once I figured out how to get pro shots easily I created Phantom Filmschool and shared this knowledge. To date there are over 30 000 students worldwide who have taken the various Phantom Filmschool courses and the feedback has been very positive. I hope you get the most out of it.

Course curriculum

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    The Handbook

    • iOS version - to download


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